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There is a lot of buzz in the media world about the strategic use of social media. The ideas how to best use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs are thrown on us from all directions. So what is the best way?
Well, I don’t know. Time will tell. But I am sure the new technology brings with itself great potential for both established media houses and individuals to make an impact in society and in individual lives.   The basic principle of the social media platforms is “interaction”. Human beings are wired (created) to interact. It is part of being human. New technology connects us over greater distances, but the question is if the virtual connection ever can give us the same satisfaction as real life interaction? Do we get the same satisfaction sitting alone behind the computer screen or with our smartphone as we would have sitting in the shade under the tree with our friends meeting “live” face to face”?   The Africa by Radio Continental Convention is imminent. This is our African shade tree where Christian radio people meet and interact in the real world. The original, real life, Facebook group if you like. Honestly, I am looking forward to meeting all of you that are planning to attend. Listening to your stories of struggle and success. Updating each other on news about work, family and friends, learning together and having a cup or coffee or an ice cream together. These things are best done in real life and in real time rather than virtually. If we are honest. How much is a “like” on Facebook worth compared to a real smiling face and an encouraging word?   My expectations are big, because I am sure that our guest of honor, Jesus will be with us. I am just wondering what he will have to tell us – real life and real time.   Let us meet under our shade tree – the AbR Continental Convention!
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    Jan-Erik Nyman is the current Chairman of Africa by Radio. He has worked with IBRA Media in Africa in various capacities since 1977. Currently he holds the position of Regional Director for East, Central and Southern Africa. He has many years of experience as technician, producer, leader and trainer in the media field. In this blog he will share some personal reflections on the media situation and trends in Africa.